About Us

Chartered by Stepney Firehouse since 1944.  Troop 62 has been a very successful troop for the past 75 years.

Camping and Trips

The Troop camps year round to give the boys a four season experience.  During the year, various types of trips are planned by the boys ranging from local camping locations to skiing, hiking, rock climbing and whitewater rafting -  to name a few.  The boys select and plan the trips, so they are always fun!  The Troop also camps yearly in July at Camp Sequassen to give the boys the full, well-rounded, BSA experience.  Camp Sequassen is an all-purpose Boy Scout camp which offers a full range of water, camping, adventure, range and leadership activities.  Boys have fun while earning merit badges and valuable leadership skills.

Troop Meetings

Troop 62 meets every Monday night, September thru June, with the exception of days in which the boys do not have school.  The Troop meetings are at Stepney Firehouse, Station #2, 801 Main Street and run from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.  The third Monday of each month is a Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC) meeting where Patrol Leaders plan out the details of the next few months’ activities a half hour before the regular meeting begins.   


To join Troop 62, your son will need a completed BSA application, a current completed BSA physical form and a check made payable to Troop 62 for your registration. The annual dues for Troop 62 are $95.00 per applicant.  We offer a sibling discount of $90.00 per applicant if more than one scout joins the troop.  This along with the 1 or 2 mandatory troop fundraisers we participate in cover BSA registration, troop gear (tents, trailer, cooking utensils, etc.), and the registration fee for the 1 to 2 camporees we attend annually.  Monthly camping trips and summer camp is an additional charge as rates are figured accordingly for each trip.


The troop is always in need of volunteers to help continue a successful program for our scouts.  To give you some ideas, there is behind the scenes planning, leadership, transportation of scouts, and Merit Badge Counselors to name a few.  For further information regarding current needs of the Troop, please contact the Commitee Chair at committeechair@monroe62.mytroop.us.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to visit the troop or have further questions; new scouts are always welcome.